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Graphic Designers

Flyers & Graphics

Pricing: Prints and Social Media

Facebook Social Media Flyer (Digital)

940x788 px


VPE Facebook digital flyer.png

Banner (Digital)

96x24 in. 


This banner is popular for Facebook, twitter, and custom title banners for medias such as websites, digital bulletins, etc. 

VPE banners digital flyer.png

Business Cards (Print)

3.5x2 in.

Front Only - 200 bundle - $100

Front & Back - 200 bundle - $150

VPE business cards print.png

Instagram & Twitter Social Media Flyer (Digital)

1080x1080 px


VPE Instagram and Twitter Flyer.png

Standard Flyer (Print)

8.5x11 in.


8.5x5.5 in.


VPE standard flyer print.png

Poster (Print)

18x24 in.


VPE poster print.png

Custom Logo



Transparent Background included

Artistic image or lettering

two text lines maximum

VPE custom logo digital.png

Invitations (Digital)


5x7 in. 


Front Side Only

VPE invitations.png

Invitations (Print)

3.5x2 in.

Front Only - 200 bundle - $130

Front & Back - 200 bundle - $180

VPE invitations.png

Custom Logo and Letterhead or Envelope


VPE custom logo letterhead or envelope.png

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds


1280 x 720px

A custom background design for your business meetings. In addition, we will add a QR code displayed in the corner for client easy access to your business.

VPE Zoom virtual backgrounds.png

More Custom Designs

Select this option if you require a more custom design. A VP member will be in touch with you.

Custom Design request VPE.png

Shipping and tax fees will be applied for orders that need to be shipped. Thank you!

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